Tio is a mysterious challenge game. In this game, you will play a titanium dioxide with different color choices and various functions and abilities. Let them successfully reach the gate from the beginning, which means that the extra level challenge is successful.

Tio’s Game Operations

In Tio, you will move the direction through the direction key and jump up the key.

Tio game content

There are three roles to choose from in Tio, and their abilities are different. Yellow titanium dioxide can quickly jump height; The green one can be glued to the wall post to facilitate climbing. However, gray titanium dioxide can gain weight instantly, making it convenient for the elevator to go back and forth. The X key can be used to switch between yellow and green, and the C key can be turning to gray. According to the state of each checkpoint, the titanium dioxide competition will be conducted so that it can reach the gate safely and correctly.

Tio’s Game Features

Tio has different titanium dioxide and different capabilities. Each level has its difficulty, so you need to control it carefully and let it pass. To better observe the checkpoint, you can do it on the full screen.

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